Cove Project Management

Our Approach

By supplying varied levels of project and risk management methodologies that meet the needs of small business, larger business and education providers, we aim to:

  • Help small businesses achieve success and sustainability
  • Improve the probability of project success for larger businesses
  • Build operational risk management processes and culture to reduce uncertainty and increase the probability of companies’ success
  • Prepare students and professionals for real world project management

Lachlan Mollison

Founder & Director

Lachlan Mollison, Founder and Director of Cove Project Management has over 20 years experience in Project, Quality, and Risk Management.

Lachlan has a Masters in Applied Project Management and certifications in AgilePM, AgileBA & PMD Pro.

He has worked with organisations from Small Businesses to Global Enterprise’s.

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Lachlan Mollison about cove project management

“There are no small projects, only small project managers”

Lachlan Mollison.

Openness – Honesty – Integrity

Continual Improvement – Respect and Value Diversity

Next Steps…

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